Helping the planet, one Moo at a time

Chaos in conjunction with Magic Pencil have won a pitch for the branding, content strategy, and website for innovative life-science company Mootral.

Mootral is a natural feed supplement that instantly reduces carbon emissions from cows by at least 30%. It is one of a number of companies owned by Zaluvida. All of Zaluvida's portfolio focus on realising big health innovations to make the world better.

Chaos is developing Mootral a website which will cleverly display numerous content types cleverly and dynamically. Chaos will be on hand with on-going user experience testing to help Mootral’s public facing web technology respond to its fast growing business model.

As well as Mootral, Chaos will be designing and developing web technologies for Zaluvida’s other companies - Grazexon and iRemove.

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