Internal Comms

Security and gender parity. Mergers and acquisitions. Change management and leadership. Purpose, culture and CSR. Digital transformation and HR initiatives. Personal development and recognition. Compliance and governance. Brand advocacy.

As an award-winning internal communications agency, Chaos helps forward thinking clients make the leap from informing to inspiring. Let our strategic and creative thinking loose on your workforce and watch it tighten up their engagement as individuals and as a team.

Talent recognition & retention

Keeping the best people means keeping them motivated and appreciated. Whether you’re showcasing achievement, showing off a new sales platform or putting on a show or social event, we have the internal comms expertise and creative tools to show it all in the best light.

Brand engagement

The importance of winning over a workforce is not lost on our Internal Communications team. Whether it’s living the brand, boosting morale or launching a new sub-brand or initiative, we’ll find the right way to tell a story that reflects your company personality and brings out the inner brand ambassador in everyone. From pulse surveys to publications that get to the heart of the matter, we’ll help ensure everyone stands by your brand.

Mergers & acquisitions

Need to ease the difficulty of new ownership issues for staff? We’re highly experienced at improving employee relations through meaningful and impactful internal communications. Through internal online channels and off the wall campaign deliverables, we know how to refresh attitudes in re-configured organisations and brands.

CSR & diversity

Conservation and legislation make a caring, sharing environment critical to any brand’s reputation. So how do you nurture a sense of fair play in everyone that works for you? As internal comms specialists, Chaos knows how to creatively address sensitive issues in ways that get traction and champion positive action.

Culture & leadership

Is your culture and purpose understood and applied consistently throughout the organisation? Are you giving tomorrow’s leaders the right recognition and encouragement today? Chaos has worked closely on these business-critical issues with dedicated client teams, planning internal communication strategies and campaigns that help build stronger cultures and smarter senior teams.

Compliance & governance

Tell never goes down well. So how do you makes sure best practice reminders and prompts are better received? As internal communications evangelists, we’ve won awards for unsaming the mundane through warm, witty and well received campaigns that tackle issues from fresh perspectives and effectively change behaviours for the better.

Stakeholder communications

Shareholder comms that share complex information easily, reducing endless queries and enhancing relationships. Smart content management and powerful design that saves your Annual Report from being an annual headache. Clear and creative CSR reporting that doesn’t greenwash the issues and does preserve your public reputation. You can rely on Chaos Thinking™ to invigorate potentially drab information through visual and verbal inspiration.