Brand Strategy

The brands moving ahead are those with great strategies behind them.

Above basic recognition of what you do, brand strategy has the power to spark conversations, ignite engagement and fuel the rewarding, connected relationships people now demand.

Whether it’s a rebrand, a brand refresh or creating a new brand, Chaos helps organisations articulate their purpose, positioning, value proposition and brand DNA - altogether communicating a strong brand narrative.

We'll help you to explore and uncover your unique strengths and communicate them powerfully to excite audiences, influence people and win new advocates. As brand strategy consultants, Chaos has taken many brands from blueprint to red letter day launch and beyond.

Brand Strategies that
Unsame Your Brand™

Chaos works with ambitious leaders who have the courage to stand up for what they believe in. Utilising our brand strategy tools, Chaos Thinking™ and our Effective Change Process, we'll help you harness market forces, undo existing pre-conceptions, change attitudes and create a competitive edge.

Branding and re-branding isn’t just about saying you’re better; it’s having the strategy to live it, breathe it, prove it and articulate it. We help organisations be distinctive, different or disruptive.

Brand audit &

Finding the right brand strategy starts by asking the right questions. Who engages with your brand? When and where? What do we know about them? Who are the movers and shakers in your space? How do you differentiate? How consistent is your brand? Does your messaging and creative reflect your strategy?

From deep dive research and brandscaping to stakeholder interviews and customer perception research, we cast the net wide to narrow down what’s important to your internal and external audiences. We work out what needs to effectively change to get your brand ‘on strategy’ and share our insights with you.

Brand DNA

The DNA is the unique essence of your brand that sets you apart and sets up the way you communicate. It helps new brands break into the world and re-energises established brands facing new audiences, territories and cultural challenges.

Through carefully planned brand workshops and Chaos Thinking™, we can help you articulate (or recalibrate) your brand DNA - Purpose, Positioning, Principles, Personality and Proposition. These ‘5Ps’, as we call them (you might know them as Vision, Mission, Values, etc) are key to enhancing perception, profile and penetration in your markets.

Are you customer centric or cause focused? What makes you tick and gets customers talking? Does your value proposition really add value? How do you come across in going to market? Our innate curiosity and sound strategy thinking have helped many brands pass the DNA test.

Brand architecture & portfolio management

Strong brand reputations are built on clear architectural foundations. Brands as clear in structure as they are in messaging are much easier for internal and external audiences to get their heads around. Does everything you offer stack up easily in peoples’ minds or is your brand hard to understand? Are you unsure of how to brand your merger and acquisition?

Equally at home with a 'branded house' or a 'house of brands' strategy, Chaos understands the subtleties and nuances of endorsed brands, monolithic brands, product brands, sub-brands, co-brands and multi-brand offerings, and how and when to apply them. It’s how we help clients define and structure robust and recognisable brand architecture for their portfolios of companies, divisions, products and services.

Branding, brand refresh or rebranding

A distinctive or disruptive look and feel and tone of voice are as important as a brand's identity. And you don’t have to be a digital upstart or tech start up to turn heads and rustle feathers. In established sectors where all brands seem the same, being dynamic and disruptive can be a real differentiator.

Today’s customers depends increasingly on getting closer to their personal worlds and needs. That’s something we excel in at Chaos, through focused creative brand strategies that are always fit for purpose and truly distinctive. It’s the perfect visual and verbal canvas for ‘cut through’ marketing communications, brand advertising and brand awareness across all communication channels, media and live events.

Brand communications & employee engagement

Internal buy-in is critical to winning external brand audiences. We like to call it inside out branding and we’re fined tuned to it after 15 years of brand strategy consultancy.

Whether it’s evangelism for a new brand DNA, a merging of brand cultures through acquisition or a fresh take on outdated value propositions or an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) we know the rules of engagement and strategies for getting hearts and minds of colleagues and stakeholders onside to take brands client-side.