Manufacturers looking to make an impact within their industry turn to Chaos to make effective change to their branding and communications.

Commercialising innovations fast. Streamlining product portfolios. Greater planning agility and intelligent connectivity. Favouring key market localisation over globalisation. Making sustainability standard. Add in the fourth industrial revolution, the Industrial Internet of Things along with the potential of automation and you have a melting pot of excting opportunities and strategic challenges. How can effective change in your brand and communications help to leverage these issues?

Our sector understanding and branding expertise are the perfect components for ambitious manufacturers to build upon. We know what it takes to harness simple and effective brand truths that keep brands competitive, relevant and fresh in today’s technology driven manufacturing environment. Treating every brand and every message as a unique product, we deliver creativity ahead of the generic, assembly line approach of some other agencies.

From industrial giants, international white goods providers and global consumer electronics to OEMs, light engineering, transport creators and machine innovators, we work with national and international manufacturers of many types and sizes. Our brand strategy, branding, digital, advertising, marketing and internal communications help them get to market more effectively, make their mark with key audiences and attract the smart people they need.

We help manufacturing brands to be different, distinctive or disruptive. Let’s assemble a plan to Unsame Your Brand™.