Our journey towards B Corp accreditation

At Chaos, we've always believed that design isn't just about creating beautiful brands and meaningful communications; it's about creating positive change in the world. That's why we're thrilled to let you in on the next exciting chapter in our story – we're on the path to becoming a B Corp accredited.

B Corp accreditation is more than just a certification; it's a commitment to using business as a force for good. B Corps meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. At Chaos we're not just in it for profit; we're here to make a meaningful impact and we believe we can exist to help change society for the better and to help, in our own small way, to try to help fix our planet one way or another. We believe that our business has a role and responsibility in joining the B Corp community to help make this happen. After all our Effective Change Process has always been about changing perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, destinies, and lives.

Ethical practices, care for the environment and giving back to our community have always been at the heart of Chaos and becoming B Corp is our way of representing that existing commitment and good work over the years, as well as taking it to the next level.
Our journey began last year by taking a long hard look at what we do, and how we do it,. We enlisted the help of experts to provide an outside view of Chaos and undertake our B Impact Assessment.

Becoming a B Corp isn't a walk in the park – it's a thorough examination of our impact on workers, community, environment, and customers. We're scrutinising every nook and cranny of our operations, making effective changes to enhance our existing commitments to meet the high standards set by B Lab, the non-profit behind B Corps.
Despite the challenges, we're convinced it's worth it. Joining the B Corp community means standing shoulder to shoulder with companies of all sizes and industries, united in the mission to create a better world.

As we inch closer to submitting our application, we're taking a moment to reflect on our journey. This accreditation isn't just about us; it's about better serving you, our clients, our communities, and the planet. We're all super excited to be on the path to B Corp accreditation and can't wait to share our progress with you in time to come.
Cheers to chaos with a cause!

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