Chaos launches the ‘Heathbow’ identity for London Pride month

In support of Pride month, Chaos was briefed by Heathrow to extend its iconic Welcome campaign through introducing 6 inspiring members of the LGBTQ+ community, as selected by Gay Star News, into the plethora of posters and digital screens featured in the airport.

In response, Chaos proudly incorporated rainbow colours into Heathrow’s dynamic branding, notably creating the ‘Heathbow’ logo, and added an element of Pride festival fun into the integrated campaign. This saw the six models in their Pride outfit of choice, opening their arms out towards the thousands of London Pride attendees arriving from across the world. 

Not only did this campaign generate a significant social media footprint, but it marked a first for Heathrow ­­– it highlighted the airport’s support for the community, in particular its own LGBTQ+ employees, and its efforts to instil equality in the workplace. Following on from this, we designed banners, multi-coloured control towers to be held and t-shirts for the staff to wear for their participation in the London Pride parade.

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