Brands and Businesses in the Age of Coronavirus

20 observations on the future

It is still too early to fully assess how coronavirus will affect brands and the wider business world. The human, social and political consequences of the tragedy are still far from clear — the economic implications are equally uncertain.

However, at Chaos we believe that we can tentatively, and respectfully, answer two specific questions. What can brands begin to learn from what is happening? And what should successful brands do in the months and years ahead?

We have answered these questions in 20 points, looking respectively at Business Strategy, Brand Strategy, People and Brand Communications. Over the past few weeks we have been advising our clients to help them to navigate the pandemic’s effect on their business, brand and communications. Our aim in this document is to share some of what we have discovered, and point to how we believe brands and businesses will flourish in the future.

Download PDF: Brands and Businesses in the Age of Coronavirus

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