Zan­ders, the German paper manufacturer, brings ex­per­tise and in­no­va­tion to the production of high qual­ity spe­cial­ity pa­pers and boards. Founded in 1829 it creates a number of the world’s leading brands of paper. We’ve helped develop numerous marketing communication campaigns over many years aimed at the creative, printing and publishing industry; and specifically helped them launch the Zeta and Ikono ranges.

Marketing Communications

Raising awareness of Zeta across Europe

Zanders brief was to create a phased campaign to highlight Zeta’s range, versatility and creative potential and challenge the perception that it was a paper for business stationery use only. The initial solution was to create a series of six mailable posters one for each range using original illustration and imagery. 

Supported by further sales tools, direct mail and a ‘designer’ notebook and a series of ‘Printed on’ mailers. Altogether with distinctive and unique imagery this created an unusual and innovative marketing communications campaign. The campaign reported a phenomenal response to the campaign and the marcomms collateral produced actively engaged audiences. Specification of the paper product was increased accordingly.

Marketing Communications

Zanders paper range corporate brochure

To highlight to the creative industry’s specifiers and the printing industry our task was to create an engaging piece of marcomms print collateral using paper stocks and printing techniques to bring the Zanders range to life. As no competitor names start with Z and with an approach of less is more, the concept reduced the why use Zanders message to simply ‘YZ?’ 

Text was kept to a minimum and bold graphic images were applied to the pages to create visual intrigue and engagement based around Z words. The result was a stunning and highly memorable brochure that resonated with its target audience and increased product and brand awareness.

Marketing Communications

Marketing campaign lines up the Ikono product range

To build product awareness of the Ikon range of papers and its versatility within the printing process we chose to highlight its virtues at all stages of the production workflow and how it handles when being printed and when finished.

Finishing solutions for both litho and digital printing nowadays offers greater flexibility, productivity and ultimately valuable profit margins to production. 

We adopted the industry terms ‘in-line and on-line’ and used them imaginatively to create a bold print example using different paper stocks and finishing techniques. 

The result was a stunning picture book based cleverly and simply around the visual interpretation of lines.