Wragge Lawrence & Graham

Appointed only a few weeks before the 1st May merger of leading law firms Wragge & Co and Lawrence Graham, Chaos was briefed to provide fast track creative inspiration and brand activation to excite and engage employees across various office locations.


Brand awareness advertising creative for leading law firm

Following the launch of the new merged law firm, Chaos were asked to develop brand awareness advertising to highlight the newly formed law firm and extol its virtues and positioning.

Based upon the square identity we created a brand platform set of images to act as a contrast to the major competitors and positioned them as being different from most other law firms. The creative ideas had to be both ‘corporate and creative’ in its look and feel.


Major law firm merger and rebrand

Prior to the news of law firms Wragge & Co and Lawrence Graham, Chaos were briefed to provide creative inspiration and brand activation to engage employees across multiple office locations.

Ideas executed included giant ampersands signed by staff and exchanged between the firm’s main offices to say hello to new colleagues, as well as a launch video, hearts & minds welcome pack.

 Due to the success of the brand launch and programme Chaos has subsequently been briefed to develop concepts and media planning for an external brand awareness advertising campaign for future exposure.