Red Bee Media

Red Bee is a global broadcast media services company, part of Ericsson. Chaos works with Red Bee on a series of branding, creative strategy and marketing projects; elevating their positioning and changing their brand perception in the industry. We achieve this through considered strategy that truly reflects their passionate culture in an exciting landscape.

Brand Strategy

Authentic brand DNA that is true of Red Bee

Brand DNA that reflects company culture which is embraced internally.

Red Bee wanted their brand DNA to really mirror their people.

Through workshops and in-depth interviews with a broad spectrum of people within Red Bee, Chaos formulated a brand DNA that resonates and underpins company culture: Fuelled by passion and steered by our integrity, we work collaboratively to deliver forward-thinking managed media services.

These values also steer Red Bee's tone of voice and became grounds for all brand communications.

Brand Strategy

Wow. And Next. for Red Bee

An energetic brand proposition that reflects the passionate team at Red Bee which excites everyone internally and externally.

Working closely with Red Bee, Chaos dug deep to extract the essence of the brand and its people. Our brand workshop, interviews and Chaos Thinking™ resulted in a new brand DNA and brand proposition: Wow. And Next.

Wow. And Next. reflects how Red Bee helps clients to focus on creating content audiences love, by taking on all the complexities in delivering that media. Red Bee also looks beyond the here and now, to help their clients stay one step ahead to exceed audience expectations.


Wow. And Next. for IBC 2019

A roll out that turned heads.

The first reveal of Red Bee's new brand proposition Wow. And Next. was at IBC 2019.

We created a series of brand and marketing assets including the Red Bee booth to really bring Wow. And Next. to life. Two videos were produced: a corporate video, and an animation on Red Bee's end-to-end managed media services. An interactive sales guide at each kiosk supported the sales team for conversations with curious prospects. The event was a great success for Red Bee and impressed everyone!


Bringing Wow. And Next. to life for Red Bee

A creative strategy and energetic visual language that reflects Red Bee and the world its in.

Chaos introduced gradients to bring standout, dynamism and energy that mirrors the amazing work Red Bee delivers. Inspired by the Red Bee identity, we created the Digital Wave, an ownable, unique brand pattern, symbolising Red Bee's end-to-end delivery of managed media services.

The new visual language allows Red Bee to be distinct and epitomises the lively industry it supports.