Passion Shed

Passion Shed is a brand that provides gourmet snack treats from three nut-based mixes.  This Luxury nut brand launched the perfect picnic filler with a new collection of tasty treats with hidden indulgences. Passion Shed, part of Trigon Snacks, expanded its gourmet selection with new range Passion Shed Treats including yoghurt, chocolate and honey coated peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, seeds and berries.


Chaos gets passionate about retail food brand

Initially aimed at hotels, delis, farm shops, independents and any other locations seeking luxury branded snacks, the brand gained traction with retail multiples such as Tesco and Waitrose. Passion Shed successfully packed new treats and bagged national orders following the consumer and retail channel launch .

We helped Trigon Snacks launch and brand its new nut based range of gourmet snacks. For what became the  Passion Shed range, we developed a bold and clear no nonsense brand identity and look and feel for the brand. Colourful and simple branding helped the packaging to stand out on shelf and be distinctive.  Creating an honest brand to reflect the naturally sourced ingredients, whilst also trying  to make the packaging as recyclable as possible