NORD Holding

NORD holding is a leading European private equity asset manager focusing on fund investments and direct investments.


German Private Equity Brand Website Design & Development

Chaos's exciting rebrand of NORD Holding informed the design and build of the new English and German website.

A bold design utilises a unique split layout and colour coding of the business units – green for Direct Investments, gold for Fund Investments, and a dark green for the company pages. This helps showcase NORD Holding's two distinct areas of expertise with equal gravitas, and helps users find relevant content with ease.

The Wagtail CMS was used to build the multi-lingual site, making it very easy for the NORD Holding team to update content across both geos. The website integrates with the Dynamo CRM system, automating duplicate entry and helping the NORD Holding team with future marketing campaigns.

NORD Holding now has a multi-lingual Private Equity website which holds its own and stands out with confidence amongst its competition.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy for German Private Equity brand NORD Holding

Chaos were approached by NORD Holding to refresh their brand. They were looking to set themselves up for a new chapter in their history. Their existing brand no longer represented the company as it had evolved.

Chaos were brought in to get under the skin of what the company stood for and how they could differentiate themselves from their competitors.

A key distinguishing feature of the business was the fact that it had two sides - Direct investments & Fund of Funds. So this became a key focus when developing the brand strategy.

Their brand values also became more modern, focussed around creativity and innovation, whilst still upholding a premium quality.

Chaos collaboratively created a strong and invigorating new Brand DNA for NORD Holding to form the foundations of their brand refresh.


Brand Refresh for German Private Equity brand NORD Holding

Having created in collaboration the Brand DNA, Chaos used this as the basis for the creative inspiration of their brand refresh.

The logo became much more modern in feel, implying key characteristics of partnership and growth. The visual language found inspiration from distinctive ink paintings.

The green and gold colours each represent a part of the business, but together they evoke both the microscopic and the macro overview – reflecting the way NORD Holding does business.

The entire look and feel for the new brand is both modern and premium, distinctly different and dynamic.

The integrated rollout of the brand refresh across their communications was a huge success.