Multiply is a modern investment ecosystem for FinTech, taking a new approach to supporting founders and investors.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy for Multiply, a FinTech focused investment firm

Multiply is a revolutionary new vehicle for FinTech investments, taking a new approach to supporting founders and investors. Unlike traditional PE/VC models, Multiply creates alignment between all stakeholders, combining performance with community.

Founders have access to liquidity services and wealth planning, while investors can benefit from a greater number of co-investment opportunities.

Chaos has created a fully built-out brand strategy and visual identity for Multiply, a platform that empowers founders and investors. The key challenge was to create an identity that reflected Multiply's unique ecosystem.

Chaos' solution was to create the concept of "The Connective," which brings together the ideas of connectivity and collectivism into one word. This concept established the themes for the creative approach and ultimately the final brand identity and visual language.


Branding Multiply, the first evergreen FinTech ecosystem globally

Chaos created a bespoke 3D model to bring "The Connective" to life. The model is made up of overlapping layers of colour, which create harmonious shades when viewed together. Various crops and blur effects are applied to the model to create a bespoke visual language.

The model portrays the values of a global entity working together through interacting layers and colou. It can be viewed as an ever-changing video or as a series of stills. The stills are being used for marketing collateral such as deal decks and other launch materials.

The new brand identity for Multiply is a powerful and visually appealing representation of the company's mission. It is sure to help Multiply attract and engage founders and investors around the world.