Muang Thai Life

Working with Chaos, spreading Life happiness in Thailand and beyond.

Muang Thai Life (MTL) is a Superbrand and one of the largest life insurance providers in Thailand. Established in 1951, it has always been a modern, dynamic, forward-thinking brand that is customer-centric, approachable, warm and friendly. Following recommendations from other Far East clients, MTL brought Chaos on board to inspire and support their continuing brand evolution.


Chaos rebrands Thailand’s leading Life Assurance provider Muang Thai Life

By intelligently re-positioning the brand, Chaos has helped Muang Thai Life extend its ‘brand of happiness’ appeal across South East Asia as it expands its successful brand in the home market to international reach in other territories.

It was important that the brand retained its rich heritage and the brand essence of happiness and strong customer centricity. Scaling up their existing proposition to ‘Happiness is everything’ as a flexible and dynamic proposition, Chaos has helped to demonstrate their commitment and pursuit of happiness across all their audiences, whilst providing a strong foundation for a brighter identity and a friendlier, more consistent visual language.

Chaos created a unique ‘celebration pattern’ which can be used as a visual manifestation of the proposition. Dynamically applied, it suggests the different stages of the customer's life journey and their ever changing personal needs.

Crucially, the introduction of the acronym MTL and English descriptor brings a greater international and worldlier feel to the brand. Following the launch of brand guidelines and a successful launch across social media, Chaos has been appointed to refresh the entire MT Group brand.