Fuchsia: A Muang Thai Life sub-brand

From the success in Vietnam, Muang Thai Life brought Chaos on board in 2016 to work on their branding and brand strategy projects in Thailand. Chaos have created several sub-brands for Muang Thai Life whilst supporting the parent brand by developing their brand strategy to enable them to continuously lead in a competitive insurance market.


Fuchsia: An innovation centre for Muang Thai Life

Through Chaos Thinking™, an identity was produced that reflects the inspiration, innovation and creative spirit at Fuchsia, whilst retaining synergy with its parent brand.

Chaos developed a brand identity animation that brought this to life, along with a full suite of brand assets. The brand guidelines document enabled the team to keep things on-brand whilst demonstrating how Chaos can bring structure to any brand.

Fuchsia branding interactive table
Fuchsia Brand Guidelines