Macquarie are a global leading provider of financial, advisory, investment and funds management services. Chaos successfully pitched to become one of their rostered creative agencies, working on projects ranging from brand awareness advertising to internal communications.


Brand awareness advertising campaign

Chaos were appointed to develop a fully integrated creative strategy and brand awareness campaign for the London market. Working alongside the Macquarie team to ensure seamless delivery of key messaging and value proposition, Chaos were to develop an effective creative campaign that clearly communicates the newly defined positioning aligned to target audiences.

By creating the Q&A campaign concept, we could take a complex industry and simplify it into 4 core question and answer messages that allowed Macquarie to demonstrate their value proposition and key differentiators within the market place.

Our campaign produced excellent results:

  • 12m impressions
  • CTR 3x the industry average
  • 73% website visits remained on site after initial visit
  • 180% increase in unique visits to the website
  • 339% rise in time spent viewing content

Moat, an independent third-party has benchmarked the campaign against other financial services campaigns. We scored an ‘Excellent' score of 798 (highest the campaign can achieve is 850).