J&B Rare is one of Europe’s most popular Scotch whiskies. It brings together 42 single malt and grain whiskies and carefully blends them to create a subtle, smooth and complex flavour. Created by Justerini & Brooks, to sit alongside their existing portfolio of fine wines and rare malts.


J&B Rare launch campaign

As of the 1st May 2018, fine wine & spirits merchants Justerini & Brooks took back the exclusive distribution in Great Britain of its house whisky J&B Rare, after a 21-year gap. To promote the launch, J&B wanted to create a campaign based around the proposition; “Inspires maverick character”.

We wanted to create an ad that painted J&B Rare as the unorthodox scotch – unstuffy, unpretentious and unexpectedly fun, showing the versatility of the spirit that you could simply sip and enjoy, or ‘mix it up’ to create new and exciting cocktail that can suit everyone.

The campaign ran online and offline – with a large focus on the print. From press ads, to branded cups, brochures and signage for the big launch.