Hannam & Partners

Hannam & Partners is a specialised, independent investment bank that offers advisory services to large and small companies on mergers, acquisitions and fundraising.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy for leading independent leading investment bank, Hannam & Partners

As Hannam & Partners approached its 10th anniversary, Chaos was enlisted to reevaluate and redefine its existing branding. The current branding failed to resonate with stakeholders and staff. It did not effectively reflect the firm's inclusive culture and ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Chaos conducted workshops with the Hannam & Partners management team to address these issues and gain insight into how they perceived their brand and wished to convey it to their current and potential clients.

One fundamental discovery was that Hannam & Partners had earned a reputation for executing creative and complex deals in the natural resource sector. However, the firm was gradually transitioning toward more traditional business endeavours with the support of a larger financial services team. Consequently, the new brand needed to align with where Hannam & Partners was heading rather than where it stood now.

Following the workshops, Chaos assisted Hannam & Partners in defining their brand strategy pillars: purpose, positioning, principles, personality, and go-to-market proposition. These pillars aimed to encapsulate the current culture and business aspirations of Hannam & Partners. The new DNA included the following key themes:

  • Independent and long-term partners
  • Delivering the highest quality advice through exceptional individuals
  • A client-centric approach
  • Discreet and understated

Investment Bank Branding

The new branding for Hannam & Partners is timeless and refined, designed to be instantly recognisable, trusted, and memorable among its diverse audiences. The custom serif logotype was crafted to convey a sense of tradition and authority, reflecting Hannam & Partners' aspiration to be a trusted and esteemed presence in the market.

In addition to the logotype, the "H&P" monogram, derived from the initials of Hannam & Partners, serves as a distinctive mark and is employed across various applications, including presentation templates, social media channels, and the website.

The colour palette—comprising Dark Blue, Stone, and White—aligns with Hannam & Partners' core values of trustworthiness, expertise, and discretion. A broader colour palette was developed to offer technical reports and presentations greater flexibility.

Photography plays a pivotal role in conveying Hannam & Partners' brand. Bespoke imagery captures the firm's employees within their offices and reflects the rich heritage of their Marylebone location. These images evoke professionalism, trustworthiness, and a high-calibre aesthetic. They maintain simplicity with clutter-free backgrounds and prioritise a sense of spaciousness and clarity, avoiding bright colours whenever possible.


Website for independent investment bank

The new Hannam & Partners website communicates the brand's fresh, sophisticated, and mature essence. Its modern, clean design enables audiences to grasp the firm's value proposition, areas of expertise, and targeted sectors. The team members are prominently featured throughout the site, portraying them as dedicated, approachable experts within the organisation.

Hannam & Partners' research offerings are highly esteemed within the industry, and the new website promotes the H&P Research Portal, encouraging users to register for access. Finally, the website's Careers and ESG pages breathe life into the firm's internal culture and its commitment to being a force for positive change.