Gordon Murray Automotive

If you like cars the chances are you would have heard of Gordon Murray. He’s an automotive design legend with a career built from innovative, mould breaking thinking.

Gordon started applying his genius in the world of Formula 1, spending 20 years as Technical Director of the Brabham and McLaren teams. Success came in the form of five world championships. After 50 Grand Prix wins Gordon moved on from F1 to establish McLaren Cars Ltd where he created the now iconic F1 road supercar.

In 2007 he set up Gordon Murray Design to focus on new projects. The innovative British company has established itself as a world leader in automotive design, boasting an in-house capability for vehicle design, prototyping, and development. In 2017, Murray announced a new vehicle manufacturing company – Gordon Murray Automotive – with the purpose of realising his innovative car designs through a limited-run production facility.


GMA Website Design & Development

GMA has recently launched two astounding supercars, the T50 and T50s. They needed a site which would reflect the quality, ground-breaking features and ethos of Gordon’s visionary design, as well as spectacularly showcase their present and future products.

Chaos’s approach started with really getting under the skin and bonnet the GMA’s brand. The end result reflects this deep understanding through an immersive new site that evokes GMA’s design language, passion, intelligence and sheer thrill of creating the ultimate supercars.

Visually we wanted to capture elements of the cars styling and design purity. GMA’s dials utilise white graphics on black dials, everything is paired back and yet beautiful, the choice of font and clean typography reflect this. In the curves we could see the grey tones in the black carbon weave – from this a new colour, Vortex Grey was adopted and added to the firms black and orange palette. We looked into the smallest details too. For a bespoke machine we wanted to create unique graphic elements, taking inspiration from the machined brake pedals, the rear lights and of course that monster fan that resides centrally on the back haunches of both cars. You can see these details reflected in the bespoke icons located on the homepage.

All of this informed and shaped the sites design including the language. The T50 and T50s have both re-written what we imagine a supercar should be… from lap time terminator to continent crusher, these rule destroyers are the new rule makers!

  • A design with purity and drama
  • State-of-the-art headless CMS technology to deliver a superfast experience
  • Easy to use and update back-end
  • Scalable and configurable platform for future website / app expansion.

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