Formerly SimplyBiz Group, Fintel are the connecting force within retail financial services. Fintel empower product providers, intermediaries, and end consumers, giving them the tools, the expertise and the knowledge they need to make better informed decisions.



SimplyBiz Group had recently floated on the London Stock Exchange and required a new name and brand identity to signal a new start to the retail financial service sector.

Using the information, we had gleaned from our competitor review and the newly defined DNA, Chaos then set to work creating a bold and disruptive new identity and visual language.

It was important that the imagery represented the idea of inspiring better outcomes, so the brand imagery is dynamic, bold, and beautifully coloured. The F symbol, which can neatly represent growth on the Y axis, was used as a focal lens to symbolise Fintel’s ability to deliver clarity of insight and focus on the retail financial services sector.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy

Chaos worked in collaboration with SimplyBiz Group to define their new company vision and brand DNA, including the proposition and strap-line of “Inspiring Better Outcomes”.

Once this was determined the process of name storming began, before progressing with the new name Fintel – embodying their positioning as a Financial, Technological & Intelligence focused business.

Matt Timmins, CEO of Fintel plc. said the following:

"We are absolutely delighted with the evolution to Fintel. Your creative team have been exceptional - and I mean that. I have worked with many agencies over the years but none of them would have got close to what your team delivered.

We have an amazing new brand and your team have kept the creative tight, the DNA is future-focussed but with an important nod to the history and heritage of the business. The messaging is first class, and everything flows perfectly. The new creative gives us miles of scope and is very modern and fresh.

Fintel has been in incredibly well received by all our clients and I would like to thank everyone at Chaos for being exceptional from beginning to end."