Dentsply Maillefer

Dentsply Maillefer is considered today as the global leader in the treatment of root canals and surgical drills with experience in dentistry that ranges back for more than 100 years. They design and manufacture close to one million products a day in Switzerland. 


iQonic product launch: medical advertising in collaboration with Magic Pencil

Targeted at endodontic dentists who are looking for efficiency, perfection, control, innovation and the ability to
show off their expertise to their patients, the new powerful cordless Endo motor and Apex Locator launched to the market with the IQonic system from Dentsply Maillefer.

Chaos's creative brief, in collaboration with our Swiss-based agency partner Magic Pencil, was to develop a distinctive advertising campaign that conveyed the new Endo solution as the "IDEAL CONNECTION" for this first generation new platform, and that Dentsply Maillefer is changing the game in Endo. Like most competitors previously, they used to develop non-integrated Endodontic equipment (separate display/control, no-cross communication).

The creative concept for this first generation platform was based upon connectivity, not only with regards to the equipment but to also the advantages it brings - intelligence + flexibility, control + simplicity etc. This became the foundation of the creative using juxtaposed images to help tell the product attributes and show connectivity. 

The campaign has successfully built awareness and sales across Europe, helped launch this new next-generation product and increased equipment portfolio value.