As the UK’s most trusted source of financial product and marketing intelligence, Defaqto supports financial institutions, intermediaries, and consumers. Maintaining the UK’s largest financial product databases, Defaqto uses propriety research methodology to develop independent star ratings, reviews, insights and technology.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy for UK's leading and most trusted financial intelligence provider, Defaqto

Defaqto had maintained its identity without significant changes for an extended period. However, as the brand's product range expanded and diversified, it became apparent that its existing positioning and identity no longer fully captured the essence of the brand. Through immersive workshops with Defaqto's key team members, Chaos articulated a new brand strategy DNA and a set of SMART brand values that captured Defaqto's personality, vision, principles, and mission.

The go-to-market value proposition, "Smarter financial decisions", emphasizes the benefits, leveraging Defaqto's existing strengths while embracing its potential and future influence. This approach ensures the compelling message of "Why Defaqto" resonates with consumers on both the brand and product levels, leaving a lasting impact.


Brand refresh for Defaqto, UK's most trusted source of financial intelligence

Defaqto's Brand Strategy created by Chaos played a transformative role in shaping their new identity and fresh look and feel. Recognising the need to align with their evolving vision and create a more consumer-centric brand, Defaqto's previous identity, although functional, was ready for a revitalised approach. The new brand identity we developed puts the Defaqto star at the centre stage, anchored to the redesigned logo.

With confidence and boldness, the star takes on a leading role in the brand imagery and resonates across all brand guidelines and marketing communications. The star graphic, combined with a distinctive and vibrant color palette, instils instant brand recognition among consumers and Defaqto's loyal customers.