Seismic surveys and data have an important place in the oil industry’s exploration workflow. Seismic, petrophysical and geologic data is used to develop a geological model as close to reality as possible. EMGS wanted to launch a new business unit that, for the purpose clarifying a new product offer and exploiting a market niche, required a specific sub-brand identity to differentiate it from the parent brand. Following naming, Chaos developed the branding and new brand identity guidelines.


Dynamic brand identity

The resulting Clearplay branding conveys the powerful, energetic and dramatic moment as you strike oil – part of the ‘play’ as it’s known. Distinctive branding has helped them stand out at launch, convey the brand’s essence and go onto win contract orders worth millions.

Clearplay, the first fully integrated Electro Magnetic solution that provides seamless, end-to-end EM services in support of oil exploration.

It provides three distinct offerings to the oil industry: Find, Test and Evaluate. The result is an accelerated improvement in exploration efficiency and performance, reduced finding costs per barrel, reduced risk and a competitive edge. We created a dynamic brand accordingly to reflect the nature of the services.