CBPE, previously known as Close Brothers Private Equity, is a leading investment firm specialising in the UK mid-market across six key sectors.

Financial Services

Refining Brand DNA

Chaos undertook a thorough examination to grasp the nuances of the present and envisioned brand identity. This process included an interactive workshop with key stakeholders aimed at refining the Brand DNA to harmonise with the current team and the future aspirations of the business.

The refined DNA significantly emphasised positioning CBPE as a genuine 'people' business, seamlessly blending unparalleled expertise with a pragmatic, down-to-earth, and genuinely caring team. The culmination of these efforts is encapsulated in the new proposition, "Unlocking Growth. Together," bringing cohesion to the narrative.

Financial Services

Visual Language Refresh and Light Brand Refresh

We refreshed the existing logo and created a new energetic colour palette based around a new raspberry and tangerine paired with more subtle complementary tones. However, the real challenge was to create a new and distinctive visual language – one that didn’t rely on traditional people/team photography but still showed that, ultimately, the team at CBPE and their partnerships are what makes the difference.

We created a flexible brand image style using sketched lines with watercolours that reflects, especially when animated, the dynamic nature of the investment partnerships and the positive growth and change that can happen. This style was used for sector and team imagery and the watercolour graphic style for other brand assets.

Financial Services

Website Design & Development

The sophisticated and modern design goes beyond aesthetics; it strategically maximises the impact of the rebrand, presenting CBPE as a vibrant, energetic workplace with visuals that encapsulate a dynamic, collaborative team.

Chaos orchestrated a comprehensive update, transforming team and workplace photography to capture the company's lively atmosphere authentically. Additionally, we fine-tuned copywriting to communicate key messages in alignment with the brand's distinct tone of voice.

Our multimedia strategy included creating various videos, such as brand videos, a dynamic Timeline video, and before-and-after videos, providing an engaging internal introduction to the refreshed brand and website.

Strategic placements within the user journey were implemented to elevate the team's presence and expertise, ensuring that the audience experiences seamless and informative navigation.

Customer testimonials were thoughtfully integrated across the site and strategically positioned to instil credibility and foster trust among our audience.

We prioritised a streamlined content approach, reducing text-heavy elements to enhance engagement and accessibility for our target audience.

The global website search and portfolio/insights filtering underwent enhancements for an optimised user experience.

The Insights Hub was introduced, serving as a valuable repository for thought leadership content and providing our audience with insightful and relevant information.

Portfolio Enhancement

The portfolio section underwent significant improvements, transforming it into an engaging and informative resource.

A dedicated responsibility feature page was introduced, breaking down critical aspects of CBPE’s ESG and Sustainability approach into easily digestible content with quick access to comprehensive reports.

Explored modern, easy-to-understand data/financial visualisations to illustrate experience, strategies, and performance.


The CBPE Website Revitalisation project has succeeded, leading to a transformed online presence that accurately reflects the company's current identity.

With its modern visual language, engaging multimedia content, and improved functionality, the redesigned website has effectively positioned CBPE as a dynamic and forward-thinking investment firm.

The revitalised site is now a powerful tool for attracting inspiring businesses and investors alike. The project met and exceeded the client's expectations, reinforcing CBPE's commitment to excellence in the mid-market investment sector.