Chaos has been working closely with Ancestry's UK and Ireland for two years, providing creative for all their digital campaigns as well as helping to develop the brand identity for their Ancestry DNA product.


Longest Monarch digital advertising campaign

The blanket media coverage of Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest ever reigning monarch in 2015 made it become part of the national psyche.

Chaos used this landmark event to make new potential customers realise that they know a huge amount about the Royal family, while they may know precious little about their own fascinating family history.

Using a clever visual treatment that clearly referenced Queen Elizabeth II, while making it clear that it is all about your own family’s story, Chaos asked people to come face-to-face with their own family history through Ancestry.

This was delivered through an eDM and digital advertising campaign, while also using the same core concept to create a broader video campaign that was shared through Ancestry’s YouTube channel, attracting over 40,000 views.


About Time Podcast

Chaos developed the branding for Ancestry's popular 'It's About Time Podcast', which was narrated by Sir Tony Robinson.

The podcast series rocketed into the top 5 of iTunes's most popular listened podcasts in late 2016, comprising of six episodes.

Chaos designed the identity for the podcast, provided all the copywriting throughout the campaign, designed all podcast episode graphics, and many digital assets which included an accompanying landing page, an extended email campaign and a multitude of digital advertising assets which were used to promote the podcast.