7iM is an investment management business that helps individuals, their families and advisers to manage their capital to meet their financial needs. Founded back in 2002, by seven people who couldn’t find anywhere they wanted to invest their families’ money. Since then, they’ve grown to a team of over 300 people who collectively look after over £13 billion.


7iM appoint Chaos to reinvigorate their branding

Following a successful pitch, Chaos were appointed to rebrand 7iM. Following initial stakeholder kick off meetings, it was clear that the new branding needed to be unashamedly bold and vibrant. Chaos decided to partner strong colour combinations, abstract 3D shapes, and intricate vector graphics to come together to create an ownable suite of brand assets.

Chaos designed a bespoke mark that consists of two elements; the logotype and the 7iM dot. The 7iM dot is an integral element in the brand and is used in varying applications throughout our communications.

For the visual language, Chaos created a unique and distinctive primary brand imagery consisting of two key elements; the abstract shape and the seven dots with connecting lines, known as our ‘Investment Matrix’. The Abstract shape signified 7iM clients, more specifically, it conceptualises their unique circumstances and their ever-changing investment needs. The Investment Matrix signified 7iM. More specifically, it conceptualises our industry expertise and our guiding-hand as we shape and tailor our investment approach around client needs. Together these elements unite to create our suite of hero imagery used throughout brand communications.

Colour plays a big part in the 7iM brand. Not only is it bold and vibrant, it also segments the company to create a clear hierarchy of communication between corporate level and 7iM clients. The corporate colour palette brings together the four core colours of our two client markets, symbolising the overarching unity between the two sides of the business when communications are delivered from the top level of the company. The core colours for the Private client are a vibrant pink and a complimentary bold purple and the core colours for the Intermediary side of the business are a punchy teal and contrasting warm orange.

Marketing Communications

Chaos support 7iM with brand implementation

Chaos worked closely with the inhouse design team at 7iM to create a suite of day one literature for the brand launch. Creating master InDesign documents for the corporate, private and intermediary parts of the business – 7iM had the brand tool kit to roll the creative out internally with Chaos working as brand consultant throughout.

The literature hierarchy is signposted through the use of colour. At the top level, our Corporate literature features our four primary brand colours and a background gradients set using the Dark Grey and Light Grey colours.

Literature created for Intermediaries uses the Teal and Orange colour combinations. Hero imagery feature an orange abstract shape on a teal gradient background.

Literature created for Private Client uses the Pink and Purple colour combinations. Hero imagery feature a pink abstract shape on a purple gradient background.



Following a successful rebrand project by Chaos, 7IM, (Seven Investment Management) a financial services organisation, wanted to create a new brand awareness advertising campaign to support their bold pioneering positioning in the financial services market.

The advertising campaign had to stand out and be eye-catching to the advisory audience. The brand shapes were also essential for representing the unique shape of people’s individual investment portfolios. We combined those elements with an inspirational, natural event – the Aurora Borealis – and placed the viewer into the advert to discover 7IM, and their far-reaching performance, for themselves.

The result is a distinctive, and decidedly different and unique, advertising campaign that really stands out in the sector and sets 7IM apart from their competitors.