Chaos delivers first project for EY

EY were looking to encourage their senior risk managers to carry out proper due diligence checks on client projects, in face of the massive potential impacts that minor oversights can have for the business.

The campaign needed to create real impact and encourage managers to take responsibility for their own actions and visit the EY Risk Management Principles website. The inspiration behind the creative was the idea that going through the motions (ie box ticking) is not what EY expects from its high calibre employees. Chaos created a ‘sting in the tail campaign’ that rolled out across Europe and used the tick box integrated into an illustration to represent an animal bite or sting etc and the danger of not ensuring proper due diligence. 

The campaign has had a real impact across the business in terms of awareness and has had one of the highest click through rates of any internal comms campaign to date. Chaos are now working on phase two of the Risk management campaign as well as working on other EY briefs.

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