J.P. Morgan

JPMAM's objective is to help their clients build stronger portfolios and through our relationship, Chaos is helping them achieve their goal. From online advertising campaigns to content mangement, Chaos has become an integral part of the business.



Chaos were approached to create an advertising campaign to promote J.P Morgan Asset Management’s ISA products. The advertising and messaging needed to reinforce their number one position in the UK for Investment Trusts by increasing their market share, dominating in key product areas and reinforcing our capabilities within the market.

Chaos needed to create an overarching campaign, that could then tailor the messaging and creative dependent on the target audience.

Marketing Communications

LTCMA Campaign

Over the last 21 years, the Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions Report (LTCMA) has become the cornerstone annual assessment of the long-term outlook across all major asset classes and markets for J.P Morgan Asset Management. This industry recognised research provides vital information to decision-makers in all investment sectors, including pension funds, wealth management, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations.

Chaos were set the challenge to take 5 thematic articles and the executive summary from the report and adapt each article to enhance the content to broaden the engagement and improve understanding for a wider audience.
Chaos took each article and digested the information into a 1-page precis document which would then inform key infographics, bespoke animated PowerPoint presentations, social media elements as well we created an overview animation that detailed the content of the full 100-page report. All elements would be used across EMEA.

Marketing Communications

Multi Asset Solutions Campaign

Chaos were asked to develop and implement a tactical local campaign to position J.P Morgan’s Multi-Assets range of funds to their BNLG professional clients (with a clear focus to the Belgium market) as key provider of MAS solutions.

Chaos worked closely with the client and investment team to write the script which would then inform our storyboard and final animation.