Meet some of the team

We’re Chaos. We’re all a bit crazy about creativity. Some of us are crazier than others. The fanatical flyer and the yo-yo champion, the breakdancer and the James Bond freak, the twitcher and the TV ad star, the biscuit muncher, the plane hater, the children’s author, the carp catcher and the bat lover... but altogether a pretty heavyweight experienced team - we know how to make things happen!



We’re naturally curious people who are always responsive to a challenge and a great collaborative partner for clients seeking creative thinkers. We’re not egotistical or inflexible like some agencies, just a good bunch of people who keep it real and still have fun along the way.

Our DNA is not just about who we are as people, it’s about the lifeblood of our agency. It’s what drives us as an agency and connects us with each other, our clients, suppliers and partners. It’s also what we actively seek in potential new team members and the values we measure ourselves against.


We’re curious

We’re always looking for answers that help our clients stand out. Where are the hidden gems? What’s the competition up to? We're interested in new web technologies; print techniques and curious about stuff that's out there.

We’re responsive

We get things done – thinking first, then acting fast. We know stuff happens and we’re always ready to deal with it, sometimes beyond the call and often outside normal working hours. We run 'dynamic studios' that can load balance projects and increase project resource as required. We enjoy being pushed and expect last minute changes and seat of the pants requests.

We’re collaborative

We work with our clients and not just for them. Combining our talents openly with clients, suppliers and across projects in Guildford and London gets more done, makes tasks less irksome and often turns working relationships into friendships. And we’re equally comfortable sharing problems and plaudits. It’s all part of our collaborative nature.

We’re real

Real is saying it like it is, not dressed up in jargon. We don’t dress like designer clones or have an unapproachable air. We’re down to earth people with refreshing honesty and a firm grip on reality. We keep our eyes fixed on what really matters to our clients. If it can be done, we'll do it. If it can't, we’ll tell you how it is. It’s heart on the sleeve stuff, not fingers crossed behind backs.

We’re fun

A sense of humour is a great help in getting through the day. Of course business is serious but why not make it enjoyable whenever possible? We’re always happy to inject a little laughter at client meetings, social get-togethers, or through our work to help our clients engage with their audiences. We even climbed three mountains in 24 hours for the ’fun of it’.