Chaos composes LPO Rachmaninoff marketing campaign

Each year LPO showcase a classical musician. Chaos were again chosen to promote the Rachmaninoff season of concerts at the Royal Festival Hall/

Rachmaninoff was celebrated for his ability to play a 12 note chord, so a Chaos Thinking™ moment linked this with 12 letters of his name, turning corresponding letters in ‘Rachmaninoff’ into chords on the piano. Chaos also used dynamic word clouds to portray the inner workings of the mind of Rachmaninoff, throughout a very colourful, eye-catching marketing material to engage and inspire new audiences.

Our campaign struck a chord with both traditional fans of classical music and helped LPO capture the imagination of the next generation. Our relationship with LPO is a long one and we love engaging our creative services within the culture and the arts sector.